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Renewable Energy Insurance

Wind turbine insurance in the form of a mechanical breakdown and accidental damage policy, WRAP Operational Insurance CNC WindPlus is provided for land based wind turbines by CNC Asset, the market leading broker in machinery breakdown. We are dedicated to providing a professional broking, advisory and claims service for businesses working in the renewable energy sector including those involved in Wind Energy from single turbines to multiple turbines on an industrial scale. CNC Asset are specialists in Renewable Energy Insurance and have arranged bespoke wordings and coverage for their owner, developer and installer clients.

CNC Asset have an unparalleled understanding of electrical and mechanical breakdown of machinery and component parts as shown by their unique position of being providers of electrical and mechanical breakdown insurance to the Royal Air Force.

CNC Asset have in house underwriting facilities for wind turbines with the most sought after insurers which allows them to issue operational insurance quotes under their WRAP Operational Insurance CNC WindPlus and place on risk Wind Turbines on a 24/7 basis. This speeds up the whole quoting process and allows fine tuning of the policy and the premium. CNC Asset's insurers are A rated or better and are fully accepted by banks and lenders.

CNC Asset can insure second user and reconditioned turbines.

We currently insure owners, developers, installers and contractors for their respective risks. These risks are wide and various and can range from liability to transit of the turbine, to breakdown and physical damage both prior to and post commissioning. For you to be properly covered, each of these areas needs to fully discussed and appraised.

Within each of the insurance areas where coverage is required there are questions that could and should be addressed:

For owners of Wind Turbines

  • To what extent does the policy protect the owner in the event the manufacturer is insolvent at the time of a breakdown claim?
  • When does the business interruption part of the cover respond?
  • What is meant by electrical and mechanical breakdown?
  • Does your existing liability policy provide adequate cover for pollution caused by the loss of oil from the gearbox?
  • When, if at all, does average apply to claims?
  • Is the DNO connection fully covered if it is off your land?
  • Is lightening damage protected fully?

For developers, installers and contractors of wind turbines

  • At what point in time is the site your responsibility?
  • At what point in time and at what place is the turbine your responsibility?
  • Do you have adequate working at height and at depth protection?
  • Do you need cover for damage to "that part" worked on?
  • What happens if the turbine fails during testing?
  • Are you properly protected against vandalism?
  • What protection is there if the installation plans are found to be incorrect?

Examples of the coverage available through CNC Asset includes:

Construction phase

  • Construction and Erection All Risks
  • Failure during testing
  • Delay in start up (also known as Business Interruption/Advanced Loss of Profits)
  • Public Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Marine Cargo / Transit

Operational Phase (for the owners)

  • All risks of physical damage
  • Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown
  • Business Interruption (including loss of FITs)
  • Public Liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability

How CNC deal with claims

CNC Asset have their own specialist claims unit and you should report all potential claims as soon as possible after you become aware of it. The claims unit includes claims engineers who can advise on the validity of electrical and mechanical breakdowns that, for example, are unseen to the naked eye.

You should always take precautions to avoid using a turbine that you suspect is already damaged. If in doubt, then call CNC Asset claims team for advice.

The unique risk exposures wind turbines present include:

  • Windstorm or lightening damage to blades
  • Failure of gearbox or generator
  • Fire in the turbine nacelle
  • Fire/explosion of substation transformer
  • Failure of windings

Claims Example:

Turbine blade shattered by lighning
Type of equipment: Wind Turbine Generator
Age of equipment: 2 years old
Total claim paid: £52,026 property damage
 £11,547 Loss of Revenue
During a storm, lightning struck the blade of the turbine causing it to shatter. As a result of the damage the wind turbine was unable to export electricity to the wind park transformer for onward exportation to the grid. The insurer was able to source a spare blade and arrange carriage thereby limiting the period the wind turbine was inoperable.

Here, at CNC Asset, we understand your needs and can give expert advice on managing your exposure and your claims.

Considerations when buying a turbine

Prior to purchasing a turbine, you may wish to make enquiries as to its insurability. Apart from past experience of claims on particular turbines, Insurers will take into account factors such as the enduring quality of the manufacturer (many in reality are assemblers), the component manufacturers, the spares held and the availability of service engineers.

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